Why Your Dog Needs to Sleep – A Lot | Dr. Karen Becker

dog sleep

Dogs sleep a lot — a fact that I’m sure hasn’t escaped your notice if you have one or more canine family members! In fact, most domesticated dogs tend to sleep when they’re not eating, playing, or waiting to see what their humans are going to do next.

According to experts, the average family dog in the U.S. spends about half his time napping, another 30% lounging around but awake, and the remaining 20% being active.

This is a good thing, because the right amount of high-quality sleep is just as important for our dogs as it is for us, as it provides the opportunity to organize the day’s input of data, which is very therapeutic. Sleep also supports your dog’s brain development, learning capacity, memory, and immune system.

Source: Why Your Dog Needs to Sleep – A Lot

Dr. Karen Becker (Reprinted)

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