Where to purchase the CBD oil that I use and recommend


Jade Nectar CBD Oil for Pets

The Jade Nectar brand CBD that I use at home on all my canine friends, is made from hemp/marijuana grown in the Santa Cruz mountains. It is manufactured and bottled by committed small growers that I have known and been part of the KSCO family for years. I trust them and this product.

Nevertheless, I don’t agree with their recommended dosing of 1-2 drops per 20 lbs of animal. I start with .5 ml (half of their dropper) as a base dose, twice-a-day. CBD should always be given twice daily because it has a fairly short duration of action. My 40 lb Brittany (age 16 with serious mobility issues) gets 1.5 ml each dose. One bottle lasts her for 10 days.

Where to buy CBD oil

General Feed & Seed in Santa Cruz sells Jade Nectar the CDB for Pets. They are located near Dominican Hospital at 1900 B Commercial Way, Santa Cruz, CA 95065 Their telephone number is 831-476-5344. Cost is $25-$30.

CBD for Pets is sold in a 1 fluid ounce (29.6 ml) bottle that contains 300mg of CBD in organic extra-virgin olive oil.

Yes, it seems like every pet store sells CBD these days, often at very inflated prices. In this case, I know the people, I know where the CBD comes from, it’s what I started with, and I know it works for me and many of my friends.

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Where to purchase the CBD oil that I use and recommend 1

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