Vegan Me? When I Eat Meat, I Feel Guilty


Friendly baby flat-noses

I really would like to again be a vegan, like I briefly was while living above the beach in Santa Cruz, where like everyone else I can no longer afford to live.

While there, I had access to Chef Jamie Smith’s excellent FoodSmith cuisine. Jamie’s company delivers a variety of healthy diets – keto, paleo, paleo-plus and vegan – at affordable prices. They deliver to Santa Cruz and Santa Clara/South Bay.

Being vegan allowed me to stop feeling guilty about the animals that are being abused and killed to feed me.

The more research I see, the more I’ve come to believe that farm animals are intelligent creatures that love their young, have a social order, can learn commands and behaviors, and are in many ways just like our dogs and cats.

The Road Back to Vegan

So why don’t I just flip a switch and become vegan again? Only this time a smarter vegan who would recognize the need to take supplements right from the beginning.

It seems easier than ever to adopt a 100% (or nearly so) plant-based diet. It will be even easier in the future. Here is what I’ve done so far:

  • Almost no cow’s milk. Plant-based milk only. Moving away from Almond milk because of bee abuse in California’s Central Valley. All my cow’s milk is hidden in other things. Eating only small amounts of cheese.
  • Eating meat substitutes whenever possible. I have Morning Star patties in the freezer and want an Impossible Whopper for lunch.
  • Almost totally abandoned red meat.
  • Dramatically reduced chicken consumption.
  • Eating a salad every day.
  • Eating more vegetables and grains.
  • Buying pasture-raised eggs at $6.99-a-dozen. Sadly, the chickens are still eventually killed.

Here’s what I still need to do:

  • Stop eating pork. I love pork lions and chops. But pictures of friendly flat noses are the main source of my guilt.
  • I think if I make a pig friend then I won’t be able to face a pork roast again.
  • Vegan cheese, sausages, and lunch meat.
  • Better choices when eating away from home.
  • No more chicken.
  • I will still probably eat fish, salmon, especially. And aren’t shrimp really just insects of the sea? Didn’t really think so.

Mostly, I just need to be more aware of what my food choices say about me and my supposed great concern for all God’s creatures. I need to do better. I probably won’t get to 100% plant-based as I cook for others, but I can do much better.

If I do these things, then maybe I will stop imagining friendly pigs being killed when I sit down to dinner.

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