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Dr. Burtch on Pancreatitis, Monterey SPCA’s chief law enforcer, superkid raising “Pennie for Puppies” and DIY cat construction projects. It will be a fun program. Please join us and tell your friends!

12:08 p.m. — Author Mac Delaney, a Southern California aerospace engineer, will join us at the top of the program to discuss “Engineering for Cats,” his collection of 10 do-it-yourself projects intended to make both cats and their owners better housemates.

Projects include simple and advanced cat shelves, drinking fountain, a cat cave, drawbridge cat door, a litter box cabinet, and more. It’s well-illustrated and the projects are useful and interesting.

12:30 p.m. – Merging Laura Pakis and my “Ask Us Anything” with a segment with Dahlia Borges, a 7-year-old who founded “Pennies for Puppies” to raise money for shelter dogs.

From her mom: “My Daughter, Dahlia (7) has fallen in love with The SPCA and all of the animals there. Dahlia was naturally curious about how she could help them after I explained they are all waiting for their forever homes.

“I told her that people donate and every penny counts. She took it to heart and sprang into action. We went to Smart N Final later that afternoon and Dahlia found her first penny and said ‘Mommy! For the Puppies!’

“I told her that was a great idea and she took it from there.

“Dahlia began ‘Pennies for Puppies’ and used my Facebook page to get the word out and also thank donors who contributed.

“She grew a fan base QUICKLY and the pennies began to pour in from all over the United States! We rolled 20,000 pennies and brought our first donation to The SPCA for Monterey County during a telethon.

“Dahlia captured their hearts and her efforts grew. To date, Dahlia has raised nearly $1500 for The SPCA Monterey County and decided this year to forego candy on Halloween and instead, collect ‘Pennies for Puppies’ in lieu of sweets.

“The SPCA has blogged about Dahlia ( ) and we (her parents Shawn and Erin) are so incredibly proud of her.”

1:08 p.m. — Rosanna Leighton is Assistant Director of Operations for the SPCA for Monterey County. That means she does more things that one segment can possibly cover. She is a shelter manager, but for this program, she will put on her Humane Law Enforcement hat (and badge, no gun) to answer questions about animal control and enforcement.

Rescuers often have conflicts, real or imagined, with enforcement people, mostly because animal control is often unable (think law and the Constitution) to solve problems as quickly or dramatically as we’d like.

So, how do we work most effectively together? We’re both on the same side, so let’s be better friends?

1:30 p.m. — A half-hour interview with our favorite veterinary internist on a condition most owners — dog or cat — hope they never become too experienced with. Pancreatitis has been a perplexing disease for me, but after recording this interview, I feel much more equipped to deal with it, or better yet, avoid it in the first place.

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