Today (2/25) on KSCO Pet Radio


Today (2/25) on KSCO Pet Radio 1

Sacha (front) and Sleepy, after rescue from auto accident on 17

This has been a challenging week for me. Everywhere I’ve looked, animals have appeared that needed help, starting with right after last Sunday’s show and ending Saturday night, just before I sat down to write this.

Here is what we will be talking about Noon-2PM Sunday, including all the animals I’ve worked with over the past week.

Hour One

Dogs as family members — inside all the relationships between owners and canines — and how to teach the “heel” command to your dog(s) — With Laura Pakis of ACME Canine and Dog-Training-By-Radio.

This is National Justice for Animals Week (through March 3) and we are honoring America’s Top 10 Defenders of Animals with Diane Balkin of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Meet Sleepy and Sacha, two dogs who were rescued from a crashed vehicle last Sunday on Highway 17 at Idylwild. Their mom spent several days in the hospital. What did we do with the dogs? How were they reunited? What would you do? We are hoping mom and both dogs will be in the studio!

Hour Two


Samson, when he still had eyes

This is Samson, a blind dog whose treatment was paid for by members of my Tracy Lost & Found Animals group on Facebook. We may be able to speak to his vet about his condition and why his eyes had to be removed. Then we will talk with Silvie Bordeaux, who invented the Muffin’s Halo guide device for blind dogs. Click the links to see.

Ask-a-Vet is Dr. Erika Sullenberger of the Animal Rehabilitation Center of Santa Cruz, which provides specialty care primarily tin injured and recovering animals. Acupuncture? Water treadmill? Massage? All that and more are common in her practice, which is much like current human rehab medicine.

And maybe the story of Isabel, the rescue Wooly Mastiff (St. Bernard) and I Eat Dog Treats (So You Don’t Have To!)

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Today (2/25) on KSCO Pet Radio 2

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