This week: More CBD oil talk, great vet memoir, doggy drawings’ Lili Chin, Dog Decoder app, dog etiquette, selecting a boarding facility


I have the show together, but the combination of doing more taxes and five beautiful newborn kittens have kept me busy the past few days. Saturday, I will be helping transport a puppy from Stockton to Fresno, a Lab from Huron (Fresno Co) to Manteca and Windsor, plus nine kittens from Fresno to Manteca and Concord. So I am frazzled at the moment (11pm Fri).

On the great show:

Lili Chin is a Los Angeles-based artist who specializes in dog illustration, infographics, custom portraits, and unique gifts for animal lovers worldwide. She does great work, including the illustrations for a dog body-language decoder app for iOS and Android. The app developer, Jill Breitner, will be wish us, too. A review of the app follows. I want a Lili logo for this show!

Carmen Rustenbeck will be back to discuss how to select a pet boarding facility. With vacation coming up this is a great topic.

Dr. Suzy Fincham-Gray is a San Diego-area vet, originally from England, has written a wonderful and very readable book about the practice of veterinary medicine. From the promotional material:


p style=”padding-left: 90px;”>My Patients and Other Animals is a moving memoir of a life spent in the company of animals—a veterinarian sheds light on the universal experience of loving, healing, and losing our beloved pets, and the many ways they change our lives. 

Suzy Fincham-Gray dreamed of becoming a vet since she was a young girl. In 2000, she graduated, with honors from the Royal Veterinary College in London. Her journey in veterinary medicine has taken her from the English-Welsh border to an inner city Philadelphia ER to the U.S. West Coast, with thousands of stories collected along the way.

In this unforgettable and profound literary debut, we are taken into the heart of the relationship we share with the animals in our lives, and the decisions we must make when a loved one becomes sick. We meet Grayling, an Irish Wolfhound in need of intensive care. With Ned, a rescue dog from Mexico, we experience the joy of saving an animal from disease. And the story of Sweetie explores the lengths doctors will go to save a patient. Fincham-Gray is a rare breed—a clinician with an elegant literary style. She affords a view few can obtain and writes with the same tenderness she brings to her patients, whose needs she must meet with her mind, her hands and her heart. Rich in warmth and humor, My Patients and Other Animals is a memorable story of compassion, healing and hope.

Reading this wonderful book reminded me of my interview with Dr. Burtch of the Birchbark Foundation. Another really smart and compassionate vet.

Dog-Training-By-Radio’s Laura Pakis will be here to “could we talk about dog etiquette on Sunday?” Of course! And we will.

Got an email from organizers of a local cannabis organization, who will be on to talk about treating dogs with CBD oil.

The truth is there are quality producers of CBD rich cannabis products within our community and we should all support our local operators all ways and encourage a regenerative & artisan cannabis trade in Santa Cruz.

Our new project will fill the void in education in our community about cannabis phyto therapies like CBD along with other botanical approaches towards nurturing wellness with Essential Oils and medicinal plants native to our region.

The consumers have the power and an enlightened consumer can shape a new industry to reflect the values of the community through their informed purchasing decisions and deliberately invest their dollars in a local Cannabis trade in Santa Cruz which supports all local business and keeps our economy in a positive feedback loop of collective success.

Here is an interview with Dr. Gabby Ravina about CBD oil.

Please share with your friends! Thanks!

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