This Sunday’s Lineup! Is tech making your pets crazy? Plus: No-kill, puppy mill auctions, training tips, become a citizen dog scientist!

Here’s the guest list for this Sunday’s program. We are on 1080AM/104.1FM in Santa Cruz/Salinas/Monterey. But you can listen everywhere (almost) thanks to the internet.

12:08 pm — Interview: America’s No-Kill cities and towns mapped
Best Friends has made available a map that shows 1,659 No Kill cities and towns. The map is accompanied by a list of all the cities and towns. We will talk about this on Sunday’s program with Pacific Regional Director José Ocaño.

12:30 pm — HSUS: Rescues shouldn’t buy animals from auctions
Update: HSUS anti-puppy-mill campaigner John Goodwin will be back on the program this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. to update us on how rescues may be supporting puppy mills by paying inflated prices for dogs.

12:44 pm — Tracey Pepper, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, Pet-of-the-Week

12:50 pm — Laura Pakis, Our Dog Training Expert
Laura Pakis Davis is an experienced Certified Professional Trainer and owner/founder of Acme Canine.

1:08 pm — Is technology driving your pet insane?
Imagine a dog whistle that never stops! Few of us would put up with a TV that emits an annoying whine or a light bulb that flickers, but for our pets, that may the world around them, editor-at-large Brian Cooley writes in the latest CNET Magazine. He’ll be my guest.

1:30 pm — Be a Citizen Scientist! Join Project MuttMix!
The following is taken from the Project MuttMix website, where you can participate in the program, which begins Monday, April 16, 2018. About MuttMix The idea of breeds and pet dogs are intimately connected. When asked about our pets, we don’t say “I have a dog,” we say “I have a Golden Retriever,” or “I’ve got a Dachshund.” But can people look at a mixed-dog dog and tell its lineage? That’s what this project seems to find out.


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