This Sunday: Special recorded program for Easter

Here’s the guest list for this Sunday’s program. We are on 1080AM/104.1FM in Santa Cruz/Salinas/Monterey. But you can listen everywhere (almost) thanks to the internet.

This week, I assembled a special recorded program, rather than ask people to appear on Easter Sunday. Will be back live next Sunday Noon-2pm.

Hour 1

Dr. Tina Wismer, ASPCA Poison Control Center. Presented with a warning that Easter lilies can kill dogs.

Ron Levy, Founder, DogTV. Yes, a TV channel for your dog.

Jen Walker, of First Friends and the SC shelter, talking about how to select a trainer.

Hour 2

John Goodwin, Humane Society of the US, on their anti-puppy mill campaign.

Laura Pakis,, on dog/dog and dog/people relationships and how to train your dog to reliably heel.

See you live again next Sunday!


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This Sunday: Special recorded program for Easter 1
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