Sunday: Famous Dog Artist Lili Chin and the Dog Decoder App am thrilled to have famous dog artist Lili Chin on Pet Radio this Sunday!!!

With her will be Jill Breitner who, with Lili, created the Dog Decoder body language translation app for iOS and Android devices. The app is gorgeous and funny, yet the illustrations are faithful to what dogs are trying to tell us and each other.

There are about 60 poses shown, explained, and discussed in the app. There is also a quiz feature to help you test your understanding of canine body language.

I am working on a review of the app, which I use to test myself and to illustrate dog language for fellow rescuers. Understanding these messages make it easier for people and canines to understand each other — we can use the same calming signals with dogs that dogs use with each other.

The app is great for new owners and for anybody who needs to really understand dog language, perhaps as a rescuer who needs to immediately size-up the animals you work with. The app will also improve your empathy for all dogs.

Lili’s art is fun, gorgeous, accurate and shockingly inexpensive. Lots of pieces are available for free use. There will be a podcast of the interview.


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