The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Family Violence — Nancy Blaney

PODCAST (25:28) — Fear about what happens to family pets can be an important reason abused spouses don’t leave their abusers. In some cases, violence against pets evolves into violence against people.

As pet lovers we have a responsibility to demand better for both pets and abused families. That puts us on the side of my guest Nancy Blaney, who is responsible for governmental affairs at the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, D.C.

We cover a lot of ground during this intervew. Nancy will be back on May 31.

Here’s what we talked about on 2/23/20:

  1. How are animal cruelty and interpersonal violence connected?
  2. What should someone do if he or she suspects animal cruelty?
  3. Animal cruelty, forget what you’ve read, generally doesn’t violate federal law?
  4. How will the recent passage of the federal Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act offer more resources to domestic violence survivors and their pets?
  5. What is the Safe Havens Mapping Project?

Here is Nancy’s bio and information about AWI, which has a very informative website:

Nancy Blaney is director of government affairs for the Animal Welfare Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that is dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people.

Her portfolio encompasses many issues, inclusing enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, legislation affecting companion animals and animals used in research, and the relationship between animal cruelty and other forms of violence and the need to improve the prosecution of animal-related crimes.

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