Ten Ways You Can Support KSCO Pet Radio!

support ksco pet radioDoing the radio program and this website are truly labors of love. Laura and I do the program and this website as volunteers and are grateful for the opportunity to share our love of animals, dogs especially, with you.

We do not charge people to appear on the program or to be written about on this website. I have been unsuccessful in selling ads on the program.

We are not going away. Not that I know of, but the program and website deserve a much larger audience and the project should be able to pay its bills. 

So I am turning to our listeners and readers, offering 10 ways you can show your support for KSCO Pet Radio:

  1. Tell all your friends and fellow animal lovers about us. We are on a small radio station (two, actually) in a small market and we are on at Noon on Sundays. Not a time when many people will find us by accident. So we need your help in finding and expanding our audience. Also, we are now on three low-power FM signals, which can be a great way to listen locally. Visit our How-to-Listen page to learn more. And we can be heard live worldwide on KSCO.com, so the distance from Santa Cruz is no excuse.
  2. Please consider becoming a patron of the program by sending us a few dollars every month through our Patreon membership program. We have four members at present and this is an excellent way to show your support for as little as $1-a-month. Current members are on the $4 and $8 membership plans. It would not take too many additional members to cover our expenses.
  3. We are posting some affiliate links — right now from Amazon, Dogwise, and Chewy — as well as some Google AdSense content. Clicking on these links and making a purchase can earn us a small commission at no cost to you. We especially need a few Amazon purchases right away so we can remain in that program.
  4. The Chewy program only pays for new customers. I figure most of our listeners are already Chewy customers but if you are not, Chewy is a great company that offers excellent customer service and a huge selection. If you aren’t already a Chewy customer, please click on the Chewy ad and become one. We order most of our dog and cat food from them.
  5. Dogwise is a specialty bookstore and publisher. They sell books, ebooks, CDs, and other media, much of it hard to find or unavailable anyplace else. I’d promote Dogwise even if they didn’t have an affiliate program because of all the unique content they offer. 
  6. Share our website and its content with your friends over social media! Encourage them to do the same.
  7. “Like” us on Facebook and contribute a positive review of the program. One misguided bad review hurt our 5-star rating there.
  8. If you run a business, buy ads on KSCO and include our program in your time purchase. 
  9. Comment on our posts and call-in to the program. We love hearing from you.
  10. If you run into KSCO owner Michael Zwerling, our general manager Michael Olson, program director Rosemary Chalmers, our man for all seasons Billy Graff, or anyone else from the station, please take a moment to thank them for their support of our program.

And let me thank you for listening and supporting us for more than two years on-the-air! We deeply appreciate what you do for the animals and us.




Ten Ways You Can Support KSCO Pet Radio! 1
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Just $1-a-month makes a difference!
Ten Ways You Can Support KSCO Pet Radio! 3

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