Sunday: Shelter jobs saved, dog blogger Christy Caplan, non-lethal wildlife control, my coyote experience, how to keep pets safe in your car, and trainer Laura Pakis

David and Brittany Coursey

First, thank you to the listener heroes who called and sent email to help eight Monterey County Animal Shelter workers avoid losing their jobs to big budget cuts. You were in the fight alongside groups including the SPCA for Monterey County and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. This could, in theory, still change but it appears all 15-1/2 shelter jobs have been saved for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

On the program:

12:08 PM — Monterey Shelter discussion and update

12:20 PM — Portland Dog Blogger and Vet Tech Christy Caplan, who has recently moved from the city, on the hazards of country life, etc. Ticks! Recall!

12:45 PM — Dog Trainer and Bon Vivant Laura Pakis on a topic I’ve yet to dream up.

1:08 PM — Non-lethal ways to handle wildlife problems (coyotes and others) with Rebecca Dmytryk, from Humane Wildlife Control. I am supposed to help transport a bottle-baby coyote from rescuer to sanctuary on Friday night.

1:40 PM — Lindsey Wolko from the Center for Pet Safety discusses in-car safety for pets on summer vacation. I’ll share CA law on dogs in the backs of pickup trucks, which I always hate to see.

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