Sunday @ Noon: Native animal rescue, dog body language, Dr. Adam Christman, year-of-the-dog fashion, pet media

Here’s the guest list for Sunday’s program. We are on 1080AM/104.1FM in Santa Cruz/Salinas/Monterey from Noon until 2 pm. You can listen everywhere (almost) thanks to the internet — we stream from

Here is the by-segment line-up, with guest details below:

12 pm Native Animal rescuer Lisa Rose — Santa Cruz has an excellent group dedicated to saving “wild” animals found injured or orphaned. What are you supposed to do with the find a baby opposum, hummingbird, skunk, raccoon, deer, or other orphaned animal? We will tell!

12:30 pm Pet Fashion expert and dog writers’ association president Laurren Darr talks about the impact the Year of the Dog has on what well-dressed animals are wearing. Plus a discussion of how dog media went “dog lifestyle.”

1 pm Trainer Laura Pakis. We range widely but will start with canine body language and the importance that everyone understands what dogs are trying to tell us.

1:30 pm “Ask-a-Vet” Dr. Adam Christman — Famous YouTube and podcast vet answers general animal health questions.

I am trying to increase the number of calls our guests receive during the program. Please dream up an (appropriate) question and give us a call at (831) 479-1080 during the show. Guest bios are also on the homepage.

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