Meet the owner, hear the story of a dog killed by fireworks stress

This Sunday, I’d like for everyone to meet Lisa Brown, a rescuer whose senior chihuahua literally died from stress caused by 4th of July fireworks. I want everyone to hear the story of how this old female Chi died from her heart condition because of having to listen to the loud explosions on the evening of July 4, 2018. I want you to be able to tell people that you heard Abby’s owner describe this poor animal’s horrible, frightening death. Maybe if we tell people that we know the person and dog this happened to, we can convince people to take the needs of animals seriously.

Also on the program: A Siberian Husky rescue and breed profile, a new local cat and kitten rescue, Dr. Burtch on cancer in pets, and Laura and I discuss interesting dog and cat news stories of the week. Please tell your friends.


Lisa Brown announces that her Chihuahua Abby died from fireworks-caused anxiety


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