Sunday 3/11: Finding lost dogs and cats, stopping Puppy Mills, Dog TV founder, dog training and behavior tips

John Goodwin and Jupiter

John Goodwin, HSUS and Jupiter

Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour!

Here is Sunday’s Pet Radio guest lineup:

12:08 PM — Pet Detective Kat Albrecht and (maybe) Burt’s story. Burt was lost 1/1 in Tracy and found a number of miles away after he was befriended by someone at Lawrence Livermore Labs and finally allowed his rescuer to touch him — a three-week process. He was then scanned for a microchip and returned to his family in Oregon (who drove down to Tracy to claim him). Chips work!

Puppy Mill opponent John Goodwin is with the Humane Society of the United States and has spent his career lobbying on behalf of animals. He runs the HUSU anti-puppy mill campaign.

Returning Dog Training experts Laura Pakis and Julie Dorsey-Oskerka

Dog TV founder Ron Levy if we have time for the recorded interview. Yes, a cable, satellite, internet television channel for canines.

Hope you will join us!

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