Paw’d Cast: Stop Rodenticides From Killing Wildlife & Pets

The deaths of two Southern California Mountain Lions made news last week, as apex predators and other wildlife continue to die after consuming dead prey that was killed by powerful anti-coagulant rodenticides. This means the animals died from internal bleeding.

Rebecca Dmytryk, wildlife rescuer, and provider of environmentally-friendly pest control services, is very upset about these deaths and how legislation to better regulate these poisons has stalled in Sacramento.

During this podcast, co-hosted by Laura Pakis, Rebecca talks about these deadly poisons and non-lethal alternatives.

She also, on behalf of her non-profit wildlife rescue group, seeks $1,500 to fund testing 10 small animals, rodents mostly, to see whether rodenticide killed them.

Rebecca also describes her sadness at finding dead and dying bobcats, who have just received protection from trophy hunting but appear to be frequent victims of rodent killing chemicals.

Wildlife Emergency Services is the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charity. If you would like to contribute to help get animals tested for rodenticide exposure, click here.

Humane Wildlife Control is Rebecca’s for-profit pest control business. 

Don’t Take the Bait is a Facebook page that works to ban these poisons.

We thank Rebecca for her support of KSCO Pet Radio. The program, in turn, is on the side of banning these rodent-killers and protecting wildlife.

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