Come sign the petition to prevent cruelty on CA factory farms

During and after this Sunday’s (4/8) program, you are invited to drop by KSCO (map below) to sign the Prevent Cruelty California petition or pick up a volunteer packet if you’d like to collect signatures yourself. Someone or myself will be there to help you from 11:30am until 3pm. Text me if you are coming — 209-740-7515 — and someone will greet you while I am on-the-air.

Why we should all support Prevent Cruelty California

The answer seems easy enough. Presumably, if you listen to the program and read this website, you are already committed to fighting cruelty to animals. At least for the kinds of animals — dogs and cats, mostly — that are part of our daily lives. But the Prevent Cruelty California campaign, supported by the Humane Society of the United States, is about improving the lives of animals that we eat — veal calves, egg-laying hens, and mother pigs.

This matters because many of these animals live on factory farms where their close confinement — imagine animals in cages so small that they are unable to move or even turn around — might get a dog or cat owner arrested. But we’ve already talked about stopping puppy mills. California is already a leader in that.

These farm animals live short, nasty lives only to be cruelly killed, in many cases, and become our breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some may even become our pets’ next meal.

Consider pigs, widely thought to be about as intelligent as most canines, is this really how we want to treat them? Don’t they deserve some level of care and respect for all they sacrifice for us? Here’s a book about pig intelligence that NPR reviewed.

Make California More Humane

California used to be a leader in farm animal protection. Back in 2008, Californians passed Prop. 2, which involved living conditions for these animals. Time passed and thanks to California’s leadership, 14 additional states have passed similar laws of their own. As a result, California has fallen behind. The Prevent Cruelty California campaign is our chance to leapfrog other states and again become the leader in anti-cruelty protections for farm animals.

Does this proposal go far enough? Frankly, no. It doesn’t address slaughterhouses, for example, but it will improve conditions across the entire U.S. How? By requiring that all eggs and meat brought into California meet the requirements as in-state producers, the industry will either again fall in line or miss selling to the world’s sixth-largest economy.

There is a much information on the campaign website. Read the FAQ.

Your help is needed now!

The deadline for collecting signatures and mailing them to campaign headquarters — April 16 — is rapidly approaching. It requires 600,000 signatures to get a measure onto the November ballot and more signatures are needed to assure our success.

You can volunteer to collect signatures at the website, or I will have two volunteer kits at the radio station during and after this Sunday’s program. I will, of course, also have petitions that you can sign.

Here’s where KSCO is located:


Here is an example of one of the things we are trying to stop:

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