Should Laura Get a Gecko? Should You? — Julie Bergman


Gecko Rancher Julie Bergman

PODCAST (23:57) — Julie Bergman, who breeds and sells a wide range of Gecko species through her Gecko Ranch, is responsible for getting my wife into these interesting and often beautiful lizards.

That was five years ago and today we have dozens of them and dread the day when Madagascar’s habitat will run out and it will be left to Julie and others like her to perpetuate the species. Fortunately, many of fairly easy to breed.

In this program, where I talk too much and interrupt too often, Julie and I talk to Laura as a prospective gecko owner. We cover species selection, diet, housing, touch/don’t touch, and related ownership topics. We cover both day geckos and the popular leopard gecko, which are more handlable and better for (older) kids. We’ve bred and raised both here at the Pet Radios studio.

(Day Geckos are typically green with markings, BTW)

In fact, there is a gecko watching me work right now.   

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