Ask Dr. Diehl: Seizures in Dogs and Cats

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Dr. Kelly Diehl, Morris Animal Foundation

PODCAST (19:46) — The first-time seizure in a dog or cat is a true medical emergency that requires immediate treatment. Why? Because seizures originate either inside the brain or someplace else in the body. Neither Is good and both can kill your pet.

One big danger is that “outside the brain” includes a world of toxic substances, including some infamous flea and tick killers used on pets. These toxins — including plants — can quickly kill the animal.

Dogs and cats don’t have strokes the way people do. But seizures are still fairly common and, fortunately, help is often available often in the form of medications “tested on humans first.”

That’s my #1 takeaway from this discussion of seizures and epilepsy in dogs and cats with our friend, Dr. Kelly Diehl, a veterinary internist at Morris Animal Foundation.

Here is a page from their website that talks about seizure disorders in pets.

Here is good advice from about what to do for a seizing dog.

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