McFly A269839

McFly came to us from our partners at the Hollister animal shelter.  Luckily Santa Cruz is an open-minded place where dogs get judged as individuals.  In so many other shelters, pitties just sit and wait for ages based on breed, not behavior. 

McFly has a big, social butterfly personality.  He solicits attention from anyone and everyone.  He loves to be touched and didn’t even protest when our evaluator simulated the type of handling a vet would do (looking in ears, mouth, handling feet, generally being a tad rude).  This boy is perpetually joyful, eager to come out of his kennel at any invitation, easy to leash up (although does pull, for which we will be fitting him with an appropriate harness), eager around food but not possessive.

At one point during his evaluation, McFly did do an enthusiastic investigation of the trashcan but was easily called off.  He had been adopted previously from another shelter but went to his new home unneutered and was returned almost immediately for not being housetrained. It’s very probable he has only been outdoors his whole life so he has never had a chance to learn.  He will need reward-based training and some simple consistency and patience from his humans to form good potty habits. 

Even though McFly is a middle-aged guy (which we think is a plus), he’s still got a lot of pep in his step so he will need a family that will provide him with daily exercise.  He may do best in a home with children over 10 but could be appropriate for savvy younger children. McFly would do best in a home without cats or small animals. As always, we strongly recommend positive reinforcement training, especially seeing as McFly has lots of personality but not many manners.  He will need to meet any other dogs in the home prior to adoption to make sure everyone jibes.

We are currently doing adoptions by appointment only. An application must be submitted and landlord permission or proof of homeownership received prior to arranging a meet. See more here: call 831-454-7200 x0 during business hours.


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