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PODCAST (24:09) — I am planning to write a full review of the RestoraPet products and this podcast, with RestoraPet CEO Brian Larsen, will be its spoiler. 

For two months, I have been testing RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp, two liquid nutritional supplements, with my 17-year old “Brittany the Brittany,” who suffers from serious hind-leg weakness and other symptoms of her advanced years.

Long story short: I have had excellent results using the classic and hemp RestoraPet formulations, each used once-a-day. The classic is primarily an antioxidant and the hemp is anti-inflammatory. They seem to complement one another, hemp in the AM and classic in the evening.

restorapet helps brittany

Brittany taught me to love all dogs. So, here I am.

Dosing for the 30-lb dog is 2-3 ML per dose of each. The product is supplied in 2 oz. bottles with calibrated eyedroppers.

As you will hear in the podcast, I am very pleased. The great thing about treating Brittany is there is no possible placebo effect. The results are the results and steadily grew over time.

The caveat here is that I don’t have a lot to compare RestoraPet with. I cannot tell you that RestoraPet works better than other preparations. I simply don’t know.

My longterm strategy will probably be to use classic RestoraPet along with 100 percent CBD at a higher dose than RestoraPet provides. First, though, I will probably get more CBD and add it to the evening dose of RestoraPet Classic.


Enter “KSCO” at checkout and get $5 off.

The two RestoraPet mixtures have certainly improved Brittany’s quality-of-life and she is able to move around with many fewer falls, especially outdoors where her traction is better.

We still have to help her stand and get her started. But now, she can stay up and walk for 20 minutes at a time. She is able to “do her business” outside and that is important to both Brit and her humans.

She also seems happier and her appetite has improved.

Brittany won’t be with us forever. At 17, she is well past the usual lifespan for her breed. My hope is she will pass in her sleep.

My fear is her movement issues will become unmanageable and she will require euthanasia at some point. I feel like the RestoraPet products have pushed that unhappy outcome into the future.

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