Reopening Rules for CA Pet Grooming and Dog Walkers

If you want to resume grooming animals or walking dogs in California, the California Department of Public Health has created a checklist of COVID-19 rules that you must follow. Some are generic for any service business that wants to reopen. Other rules are quite specific. 

Here are the specific rules. 

Pet Grooming and Dog Walking Additional Considerations

 Evaluate existing cleaning and sanitation protocols to determine what additional measures are needed.

 Require customers to make reservations and stagger appointments.  Use a contactless process to have customers drop off pets.

 Use slip leads to transfer pets to and from grooming services, and do not handle anything belonging to pets.

 Place tape on the grooming room floors and other areas to indicate where customers should stand and where groomers can walk. Maintain six feet of distance between people, including fellow groomers.

 Limit the number of groomers in the facility.

 Dog walking services should establish protocols to ensure customers cancel their dog walking service if any person in the household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is sick or exhibiting any symptoms.

 Dog walking services should maintain regular contact with customers to ask about any such issues if not told by the customer in advance. If the dog walker or pet owner has any COVID-19 symptoms, has been sick, or has been exposed to someone who has, cancel dog walking services.

 Limit interactions with pet owners for dog walking. Discuss important pet care details virtually or use six-foot physical distancing for any in-person interaction.

 Use contactless hand-offs of pets.

 If a lead hand-off is necessary, keep the interaction quick and wash hands after or use proper hand sanitizer.

 When the pet owner is not home, they should make sure the pet is easily accessible and should gate the pet near the entry area whenever possible.

 If the pet owner is dropping the dog off at the dog walker’s residence, the dog walker should ensure the drop-off occurs at the home’s door or, in a multi-family building, an established common area, preferably outdoors.

 When possible, the dog walker should bring and use their own lead and disposable waste bags. Clean and sanitize all materials, including leads, food containers, water, and food bowls before and after a walk.


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