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As a service to listeners and worthy companies in the pet care industry, KSCO Pet Radio has begun a “Recommended Products” program to spotlight pet products we like, recommend, and typically use ourselves.

There is no cost to vendors to participate in this program.

Product Categories

We will be recommending products in a number of categories. Only a few exist now but more will be added as we review different products. We are working on some sort of “seal” we can award to the products we recommend. Suggestions welcomed.

We see this as a positive reviews program. Obviously, if we are going to recommend a product it must be something we like.

Sure, we may mention small flaws that we find and make suggestions for product improvement, but we will only recommend products we’d want our friends to consider for purchase or purchase ourselves.

All reviews will have appropriate FTC disclaimers, such as those shown at the top of this page.

All Products Considered

No, products submitted don’t have to be newly-released. There are many older products we want to include.

And, yes, we will consider reviewing almost anything, including electronics, books/media, health and wellness, apps, etc. We especially want to see products for helping seniors or disabled animals.

Test Animals

To assist vendors with sizing and dosing, here is information about our “test dogs” additional information about them is available upon request.

Here is a list of the rescue dogs David may use for testing:

BrittanyBrittany35 lbs17 White/OrangeTypicalWears socks for traction
NickBasenji mix19 lbs2-3 yrsTan/WhiteShort 
SpencerSilky Terrier  Brown/TanLong 
GingerChihuahua7 lbs9 years+Tan/WhiteShort 

Here is a list of the dogs Laura may use for testing:


Felines: Laura and David both own adult cats of various sizes. David also does bottle-feeding of neonatal kittens or has access to them.

How to Submit a Product

  • We cannot promise to recommend every product that we receive. If we don’t like your product we won’t write a review knocking it, but we won’t write a glowing 5-star review, either.
  • We will be testing products for at least 30-days. If your product is consumable. please send a months’ supply. We don’t need 30-days of food, generally, just supplements.
  • We need TWO sets of products, one sent to David in California and the other sent to Laura in Ohio. (Addresses below)
  • Unless special arrangements are made — in advance — don’t expect us to return your product.
  • We will normally show an or another affiliate link with our recommended products. If you have an affiliate program, please add us. If you do not have such a program, please indicate how our listeners may purchase your product. We love offering discounts to listeners.
  • Please remember that Laura and David are volunteers and are not compensated for their work on KSCO Pet Radio.

Where to Send Product Samples 

Please email photography, logos, backgrounders, releases, etc. to:

Email sent to that address goes to both David and Laura.

Here are our physical addresses, please send samples to both David and Laura:

Please do not send anything to KSCO in Santa Cruz!

David Coursey
KSCO Pet Radio
1528 Tamarisk Ln.
Tracy, CA 95377-8273

Laura Pakis
KSCO Pet Radio
6206 Brooksong Way
Blacklick, OH 43004

We look forward to seeing and testing your company’s products!

Contact Form

If you have questions or comments you are welcome to use this form, which goes to both David’s and Laura’s inboxes.

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