Get Mad: Read the 2020 “Horrible Hundred” Puppy Mill Report

puppy mill

Dog caged in a puppy mill

I am deeply disgusted to share with you for viewing and download the Humane Society of the United States’ new “Horrible Hundred” report on some of America’s worst puppy mills.

This year, 2020, marks the 8th annual report and enforcement, sadly remains lax. We must do better for all animals, especially those in puppy mills.

Featured in this year’s Puppy Mill report:

  • A dog dealer in Kansas shot and killed two dozen dogs they no longer wanted (Wendy Pets); the USDA didn’t even cite them for it.

  • An “AKC-inspected” breeder in Missouri has dodged 35 state inspections and was repeatedly found with sickly and gaunt dogs (Corey Mincey/ Puppy Love Kennel); she is currently being sued by the state attorney general, but meanwhile she’s still offering puppies for sale online.

  • Another Missouri breeder had dogs who were found severely emaciated with their ribs and spines showing (Marlisa McAlmond/ Cedar Ridge Australians); she has also been sued by the state attorney general and the case is pending, but she’s still offering puppies for sale.

  • A dealer in Florida has been linked to 26 puppy deaths (Florida Puppies Online.)

  • A breeder in Missouri had dogs out in the cold with only blue barrels for shelter (TLC Kennels). It failed several state inspections, but the USDA didn’t cite it for anything.

  • A dealer in Iowa has been found with nearly 50 ailing dogs needing veterinary care since 2015 (Stonehenge Kennel)—but the USDA keeps giving the kennel a new license year after year.

These are not people who love and care about dogs. They must be stopped and, ideally, placed in very small and dirty jail cells, just like how their dogs are forced to live.

Here is the report:

File name : 2020-Horrible-Hundred.pdf


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