Podcast: Separation Anxiety — Dr. Judy Korman, CalmerK9

separation anxiety
A non-drug solution for separation anxiety?

PODCAST (24:07) — Dr. Judy Korman of Assisi Animal Health (calmerk9.com) discusses Canine Separation Anxiety and her company’s product that is intended to calm anxious canines.

“Calmer Canine restores lasting calm to your anxious dog. It utilizes a specifically tuned micro-current signal, targeted at the anxiety-center in your dog’s brain. The device reaches the core of the problem and stimulates your dog’s natural ability to restore emotional balance — bringing your dog back to a calm state. The good news is separation anxiety is solvable.”

Major benefits:

Drug-free. No prescription required.

Based on technology that is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of humans

Easy to use and comfortable for your dog

Treatment is sensation free without side effects

At-home treatments: 15-minute sessions, twice a day.

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