Podcast: Lifesaving SNIP Bus COVID Update

It’s the SNIP Bus — from behind!

PODCAST (13:08) — Despite the COVID near lockdown, Melanie Scherer’s SNIP Bus has continued its essential mission of providing low-cost spay/neuter services across much of California, including the Central Coast.

Melanie, who is the SNIP Bus founder, updated us on its work in Monterey County during our 5/17/20 program. The good news is the work continues, the less good news is the lack of sponsorship may force Melanie to increase the cost of a procedure from $25 to $50 and more.

That is still low-cost, but when you are offering something that costs $100 (or more) to provide and selling it for $25 you can’t just “make it up with volume.” SNIP Bus has done more than 15,000 spay/neuters and needs to do multiples of that more, but money is especially tight right now for reasons we all understand.

It costs SNIP Bus about $3,000 for a day doing procedures in the field. That seems like a lot of money and it is for the rescues and other groups that sponsor the events. I hope the $50 million that Gov. Newsom has promised for spay/neuter won’t be a COVID casualty.

Please listen to Melanie’s podcast (linked below). We love having her on and sharing the SNIP Bus story. If you can help SNIP Bus fulfill its very important mission, I hope you will.

https://www.snipbus.org/ is the main URL. But there is a lot of great and timely information on the group’s Facebook page.

Podcast: Lifesaving SNIP Bus COVID Update 1
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