Podcast: Can these dogs be saved?

This is a classic example of several things done wrong, the end result of which may very likely be euthanasia for two senior dogs. They were not properly socialized and received no training. And then a new adopter got them.

This is a podcast from the December 15, 2019 edition of KSCO Pet Radio. It covers a lot of ground and much of what we discuss is tragic. And avoidable.


KSCO’s Jack Stine has been given the task of finding a new home for two dogs another KSCO person adopted but has since given up on. Multiple issues at work here, including the myth that no-kill shelters exist to solve the senior canine homeless problem.

Co-host Laura Pakis calls upon her decades of training experience to offer a number of suggestions to make the dogs more friendly and better behaved. She is hopeful that, if some of these ideas are implemented, that the dogs will have a happy future.

It would be easy to cast hard judgment on much of this story. Please don’t. We are trying to save these dog’s lives, not trying to score cheap points against well-intended mistakes.

It is not clear what the outcome will be. But if you are involved in rescue, adoptions, training, or just care about senior dogs in trouble, please listen. (About 24-minutes long)

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