Pet Radio Needs Your Support (and some dollars)

Baby Erica (RIP)

Thank you for visiting this site and, I hope, listening to the KSCO Pet Radio program or perhaps a paw’d cast (podcast) or two. I’d like to update you on the progress that has and sometimes has not been made in the nearly four months we have been on the air and the internet.


The mission of KSCO Pet Radio is to save the lives of companion animals, almost entirely indirectly, through education, advocacy, and support for good causes, such as our local rescue and shelter community. The more people that listen to the program and visit us online, the better this mission will be accomplished. That’s why I am always encouraging people to tell their friends and fellow rescuers about what we’re doing. More audience = more lives saved. Also, more pet lovers that are better informed and more involved.

I hope my love for animals and of radio are evident in what I am doing.

KSCO Pet Radio

I feel like the program isn’t awful, but could be a lot better. Some of this is my lack of discipline and limitations as a program host and probably a related need to approach the program better prepared each week. Overall, I have been very pleased with the guests we have had on the program. Occasionally, a segment has gone awry but only sometimes. My worst sin is allowing a segment to run too long (not often, I hope) or not having enough time to cover issues more thoroughly. I have increased segment lengths lately, which can lead back to the first challenge — too much time, too little content.

I am actively seeking ways to make two hours on KSCO each week generate some sponsor or underwriting revenue. The challenge for that is low audience numbers, as evidenced by a lack of telephone callers for guests and small numbers of page views here on the site, low mailing list subscribers, and fewer Facebook “likes” than I’d prefer to see.

KSCO has a more than 20-year relationship with Youngevity, a multi-level marketer of health products. It’s an honest company that I have been critically watching for many of those years. They are now on the NASDAQ and have recently acquired pet products, including a company called “For Tails Only.” I have used a few of the products and once I have more experience with them, hope to endorse and promote those that I like. This would be the promotion of product sales, not a multi-level “business opportunity.”

Brittany the KSCO Pet Radio Dog

My girl Brittany

I am having success with a For Tails Only trace mineral supplement I am using here at home with 15-year-old Brittany. I am naturally reluctant to promote anything, especially health products, but if they are fairly-priced, and work, I’m willing to introduce them to you. We will see how this develops. I need revenue but not at the expense of credibility or our pets’ health.

My out-of-pocket expense to just to appear on the program is about $100-a-week.

KSCO Pet Radio Online

I spend about $300-a-month on the care and feeding of About $100 goes to hosting services, especially hosting of the podcasts, which are typically 50-100-megabytes in size. My current project to bring the KSCOPetRadio Facebook feed to the website is likely to cost another $50 for software that does the integration. The current “free” version does not allow me the flexibility to prevent the content that starts here on the web from coming back as part of the feed from Facebook. The “pro” version promises to solve that.

I have also created a new category for content that comes from other sources and is not directly or immediately related to program content. I also need to address better the “author” information that WordPress uses for posts. I am thinking of turning off the bylines altogether.

Thank God for the WordPress content management system, which I have finally developed a decent command over. WordPress is free and is the world’s favorite tool for building blogs and websites, but everything used with it costs money.

There is very tiny revenue — none of which I have actually seen — associated with the website. It comes from Google ads (about $25 total so far, the check arrives after I top $100). I don’t like some of the Google ads I see on these pages. I have been working to ban those seeking to sell puppies or other products and services I find abhorrent or scammy.

I also very occasionally link web content to products being sold by Amazon. If someone makes a purchase, in theory, a tiny fraction of the sale price heads this way. I’m still waiting.

Labor of Love meets limitations

This is a labor of love and a reflection of my intention to spend the rest of my life working on behalf of animals. Right now, the enterprise is a time-sink and makes no money. I spend an average of four-hours-a-day working on the program, the Facebook page, and this website. There is additional time working on rescue transportation and managing my Facebook lost and found groups. All my projects feed into one another so where one starts and another project ends can sometimes be difficult to determine.

I’d like to start a not-for-profit to produce the program as an animal welfare effort and to raise money for pets in need of emergency medical care and similar humanitarian efforts. But not to pull animals from shelters, which seems to be quite well-covered.

How you can help

  1. Advertise on the program. I have some commercial minutes I that can sell but lack the confidence to charge real money for them. How about $100/month per advertiser? For a 30-second spot each week. Plus ads online. Any takers? I’d be thrilled to have even one of these, but six is my goal.
  2. Support for the non-profit, which will cost about $800 to create if we avoid significant legal expenses. Here is my idea for providing emergency medical care for injured and sick animals: Valley Angels Fund for Animals It could be opened up to do other things as well. I would also need a volunteer board of directors and, especially, someone with money sense as CFO.
  3. Underwrite my program through Patreon, the online platform for supporting creative endeavors. I’d be happy to do an NPR-style underwriting credit for supporters. Details to be announced. You can also make a small “Buy Me a Coffee” donation at the top of the right-hand sidebar.
  4. Without regard for anything else, I’d appreciate your telling your friends about the program and your prayers that we will help save dogs’ and cats’ lives through education and advocacy.

Please use the contact form below to send me your comments or requests for additional information.

Thank you for your support!

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