Pet Radio #4: Helping rescue “firecats,” Dachshund spinal disease, great training for your new dog, and your older dog, and our first Ask-a-Vet

Here’s who was on our fourth program, January 28, 2018:

Hour 1:

Julie Linford and Kathy Anderson, Outcast Cat Help — This is the group that has been reuniting cats lost during California wildfires with their owners. It’s a high-tech mission using special online wildlife cameras.

Kristin Leydig Bryant, author, “Honey, Have You Squeezed the Dachshund?” — IVDD is a genetic disease of dachshunds and other long/low dogs, including Bassett hounds. Talk about the disease, treatment, and doggie wheelchairs.

Julie Dorsey-Oskerka, A Sound Beginning Program — A training program for newly-adopted dogs and special music designed to calm all dogs. Here is the book she authored and I recommend, complete with music CD.

Hour 2:

Laura Pakis, ACME Canine — Half-an-hour of Dog Training by Radio. Yes, you can ask questions.

Dr. Adam Christman, Ask a Vet premieres this week. Dr. Christman operates a seven-vet practice in Brick, NJ and is a podcaster and author. He’ll take your questions!