Paw’d Cast: Nathan Winograd on his proposed “Do No Harm Act”

Paw'd Cast: Nathan Winograd on his proposed "Do No Harm Act" 1I was excited to have Nathan Winograd, of the No Kill Advocacy Center, on the May 5 program to talk about his proposal protecting healthy or treatable companion animals from being killed in shelters or vet’s offices. This is the obvious expansion of no-kill, which Nathan played a huge role in making happen nationally.

We still have a long way getting to No-Kill America and Do No Harm is controversial, in part because of the need for money to pay for all the treatment that will be required to save injured/sick animals.

Listen to the paw’d cast and tell me what you think.

The following is from Nathan’s announcement of the proposal:

Killing a healthy or treatable dog, cat, rabbit, or other animal companion should be illegal, regardless of whether the animal is at a shelter or taken to a veterinarian.

Not only is it unethical to kill healthy and treatable animals, but a recent study found that “over one-third (36.9%) of dogs originally brought in by their owners for euthanasia could, upon further evaluation by staff and discussion with owners, be made available for adoption…”

It further found that, after assessment, these animals “had medical or behavioral concerns that were amenable to resolution, as opposed to all having terminal health conditions or intractable behavior problems.”

Download the FREE guide and model legislation by clicking here.

To get it introduced and passed in your community, click here.

Of course, the No Kill Advocacy Center stands ready to help YOU achieve No Kill success in your community.

And, if you can, please help us continue our pioneering and lifesaving work. To donate to the No Kill Advocacy Center, click here.

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Paw'd Cast: Nathan Winograd on his proposed "Do No Harm Act" 2