Our Paw’d Cast: Is marijuana (CBD) oil right for your pet?

Dr. Gabrielle Ravina

This is a short interview with our friend, Dr. Gabby Ravina about cannabidiol or CBD oil for pets. The substance, derived from marijuana and/or industrial hemp plants is controversial and illegal under federal law. In states where marijuana is legal, however, it is fairly widely available as a liquid in dropper bottles.

Even Bark, known for its BarkBox monthly goody-plans for dogs, recently began selling CDB-laced treats as well as the oil itself. They put out a press release, but after initially accepting an invitation to be on the program, they reneged after a discussion around the office. That attitude, sadly, only enhances the notion that CDB is a dodgy substance.

Treat Well 20:1 CBD Oil is a product recommended by a colleague of Dr. Ravina. The Bark-branded drops are recommended for larger dogs, while the chews are more appropriate for smaller animals.

The Preventive Vet website has an interesting post that discussions what we know about CDB (not much) and don’t know (mostly) and well as the pro’s (speculative) and con’s (don’t seem so bad) of using the substance as a treatment for canines.

What conditions does CBD treat in Dogs?

From the Preventive Vet site:

In humans, THC and/or CBD have been reported to treat things such as:

• Anxiety

• Pain

• Noise phobia

• Nausea

• Loss of appetite

• Epilepsy

• Inflammation

It’s not hard to find stories of pet owners who report similar effects after giving their dogs CBD oil or treats. However, the lack of published double-blind study for animals makes it hard to pull out real facts from the purely anecdotal evidence.

Here’s my take on CBD Oil

CBD Oil and treats frim Bark — This stuff ain’t cheap!

I am encouraged that CDB oil, even that which Includes small amounts of psychoactive THC seems to have no serious side-effects or contraindications in canines. Of course, it also lacks known dosing and double-blind studies for efficacy and safety. Promoters say the same thing about CDB that were used to sell medical marijuana. Those benefits were attributed to THC, but now CBD oil, containing little if any THC, benefits from the same claimed benefits.

The willingness of marijuana proponents (aka stoners) to say anything to promote cannabis usage is not impressive and makes me wonder if anything they say can be proven true. I have a senior dog who, in theory, would benefit from CBD oil. I am tempted to try it, but really want to avoid participating in or promoting a scam. After all, we are now being told that Fish Oil, which used to be widely promoted for humans, appears to have no beneficial effect. Though eating oily fish still seems to.

My recommendation is to read the Preventive Vet story linked above and decide for yourself. I’d love to hear your thinking and will report back on what I decide for my dog.




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