Our Paw’d Cast: How much progress have we made? Nathan J. Winograd, Author and No Kill advocate

Nathan J Winograd

Nathan J. Winograd and friend

This is a fascinating and wide-ranging history of the no-kill shelter movement in America, told by a man who helped create much of that history. The number of animal lives that Nathan’s work and influence have saved over the past two decades is certainly in the millions.

I would not be doing this program — or rescuing animals — if I had never met Nathan Winograd, who will be on this week to talk about the progress that has been made during the 14 years since he founded the No Kill Advocacy Center. Here is where we will start and work backward:

Sheltering in the United States at a Glance:*

  • About 6 million animals enter shelters every year.
  • Approximately two million animals are killed.
  • Roughly 30 million acquire a new companion animal every year.
  • Only 1% of shelter animals are irremediably suffering.
  • Over one million people live in communities saving between 98% and 99% of dogs and cats in their shelters (over two million saving at least 98% of dogs).
  • Over 10 million people live in communities saving between 90% and 99% of dogs and cats in their shelters. 
  • Over 50 million people live in communities saving at least 80% of dogs and cats in their shelters.​​

* courtesy of the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Nathan J. Winograd is a graduate of Stanford Law School, a former criminal prosecutor and corporate attorney, has spoken nationally and internationally on animal sheltering issues, has written animal protection legislation at the state and national level, has created successful No Kill programs in both urban and rural communities, and has consulted with a wide range of animal protection groups including some of the largest and best known in the nation.

His work has been featured widely in such publications as Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, USA Today, and newspapers from all over the country. He has appeared on Fox News, CNN, ABC, and other radio and television affiliates around the country. His creation of the country’s first No Kill community was named one of the Top 100 achievements in the nation by Metropolitan Home in its “Best of the Best” issue. And The Bark magazine calls him “the voice of America’s displaced pets and the conscience of the animal sheltering industry.” His book, Redemption, is the most critically acclaimed book on the topic in the United States and the winner of five national book awards.

As a nationally recognized speaker, Nathan has spoken at national animal welfare conferences from coast to coast. He has spoken internationally as well, in Canada, in Australia, and New Zealand, and has been invited to speak all over the world, including Ireland and the Czech Republic. He has also lectured on animal sheltering ethics to students at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, the nation’s number one ranked veterinary school, and has lectured at the U.C.L.A. School of Law on animal law issues.

In various leadership positions, including Director of Operations, for the San Francisco SPCA, Nathan was instrumental in advancing some of the most progressive shelter programs in the nation, and helped push the lifesaving rate to over three times the national average for an urban community and at the time, the best in the nation. As Executive Director for the Tompkins County (NY) SPCA, he managed the full range of animal control and adoption services in a rural community, including construction of a new Pet Adoption Center achieving unprecedented results. Nathan is currently the Executive Director of the national No Kill Advocacy Center and the author of five books.

Redemption won five book awards and redefined the animal shelter industry nationwide. Irreconcilable Differences, his second book, is an Indie gold medal winner for Best Book (Animals/Pets). His third book, All American Vegan, co-written with his wife Jennifer, was named Best Cookbook (Alternative/Health) by USA Book News in 2011 and was given a five-star review by San Francisco Book Review. Friendly Fire, also co-written with his wife, was published in October 2012. In 2014, he released a documentary film about the No Kill revolution in America and a film companion. Welcome Home, his fifth book, was published in 2017.

You can learn more through his work with the No Kill Advocacy Center, his blog, his articles in the Huffington Post, or on Facebook.

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