Now use the same CBD that my pets receive

Many of you are aware of the excellent results I have had treating my nearly 16-year-old Brittany’s aches and pains and hind leg issues using CBD oil. Ventana Botanicals, the Soquel company that extracts CBD from totally legal hemp plants, is now selling its products to pet owners.

Aptos Natural Foods is selling a 1 oz. bottle of Ventana Botanicals CBD Pets for an introductory price of $20. This is CBD extracted into organic virgin olive oil and is easily added to the animal’s food.

We have done several CBD podcasts that are available on our website. I am certain we will do more programs on it in the future.

I am not promoting CBD as a cure-all. It seems to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and may have a calming quality. There are other claims, but these are the three I have experienced with my own animals.


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