KSCO Pet RadioKSCO Pet Radio is a weekly, issues-oriented interview program about pets and their human companions. We interview nationally-recognized experts and work with leading organizations to produce the program.

Now in its third year, Pet Radio is hosted by animal advocate David Coursey and professional dog trainer Laura Pakis.

The program airs live every Sunday from Noon until 2 PM Pacific Time on KSCO 1080AM/104.1FM in Santa Cruz, CA. Global live streaming is at ksco.com.

The program features discussions of important issues in the humane treatment of dogs, cats, and other animals. Pet Radio also provides expert advice on health, medical, training, feeding, and behavioral issues. Listeners are invited to call with questions and comments.

The program website at kscopetradio.com offers new content every day and hosts a library of podcasts from the radio program.


KSCO Pet Radio’s mission is to improve the lives of animals and the people who care about them. We support companion animals, but also work to end the abuse and suffering of all members of the animal kingdom.

We promote and honor the human-animal bond in its many forms and recognize that animals have feelings, preferences, and emotions that humans should respect.

We believe all animals should be cherished.