Brenna Ewing, Santa Cruz SPCA

Brenna Ewing has lived in Santa Cruz and worked in local shelters for over twenty years doing animal care, placement and education.

She joined the SPCA in May 2006 as the Humane Educator because she believes that education is the most effective way to help the animal population and the human population of this community. Brenna believes that teaching compassion and respect for all life cannot be taught at too young an age and that these character traits are important for the future of progressive society.

Her humane education programs focus on how even the smallest actions effect animals and the environment. Responsible choices can make lives better for animals, both domestic and wild, as well as people in our community. Brenna is happily married to her husband Jeff and lives with a dog adopted from the Santa Cruz SPCA and a blue and gold macaw, adopted from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.

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