Paw’d Cast: Is technology driving your pet insane?

Imagine a dog whistle that never stops!

Few of us would put up with a TV that emits an annoying whine or a light bulb that flickers, but for our pets, that may the world around them, editor-at-large Brian Cooley says on this paw’d cast as well as in the latest CNET Magazine (link below).

Pets’ senses are tuned differently than our own and may detect a cacophony of noise and strobe effects that we don’t, particularly as we fill our homes with technology. You can fix a beeping smoke detector quickly by changing the battery, but it might also be emitting a constant high-pitched noise that only your dog can perceive. Have we built them an unintended hell?

Dr. Sheila Carrera-Justiz, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, says that our pets’ sense of hearing makes the world a far different place for them than for you and me. They hear everything we do, plus much more. “I recently got a new dishwasher and it’s really quiet — my dogs don’t react to it at all,” she says. “But [the sound of] the garbage truck going by? That’s a different story.”

Read the rest of Bryan’s story here. The paw’d cast us from the 4/15/18 edition of KSCO Pet Radio.

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