I’m going Vegan (with help from Chef Jamie)

Chef Jamie Smith
Chef Jamie Smith

If you get very seriously into caring about animals, you eventually beat your head against the wall of how differently we treat pets from the just-as-loving, just-as-intelligent farm animals that we kill and eat.

That will never stop — probably shouldn’t — but we ought to treat farm animals respectfully and honor their value to us. That’s why I support the Yes On 12 campaign here in California.

I have felt guilty for several years that going to an entirely plant-based diet (which is a step beyond vegetarian for most people) is a lot of work and can be expensive. So I did what was possible, cutting as much animal protein out of my diet as I easily could.

Then I found FoodSmith. Actually, they found me after I arrived to do the news every day.

FoodSmith delivers meals to many of us at KSCO as part of a food-for-ads deal. But when that deal goes away, I’d be happy to pay for the five vegan lunches and dinners I receive each week.

The meals cost less than what I spend for junk food at McDonald’s, taste great, are 500-calories-ish (for a large meal), work great in the microwave, and did I mention they taste really great? Add some bread, maybe a salad, a piece of fruit and I have a healthy 1,500-calorie diet.

Here’s the vegan menu for this coming week. What should I choose? There are also paleo and paleo-plus menus.

Chef Jamie Smith creates both paleo and vegan meals and delivers them within a local service area. There are also pick-up locations for those unable to get delivery to where they live/work.

I have been getting a mix of paleo (hunter-gatherer) and vegan meals but will switch to all-vegan with my next order. Jamie’s food has convinced me that vegan can taste great and not leave me feeling like I am missing something. And I’m already feeling much better about what I am doing to animals.

I am not saying that everyone should/has to do what I am trying to do in order to “do what’s right” for animals. For years, I have been reducing my consumption of animal products, knowing there was a real limit to what I could accomplish. I have been envious of my vegan friends for many years

ANYTHING you can do to move to a less-cruelty diet is important step. Do what you can and know that the more people who make small changes, the better off our farm animals and ourselves will be. Also, those changes create new markets and cause better options to become available. FoodSmith is just one such option.

Thanks to FoodSmith, I can move to a mostly vegan diet that is very convenient, tastes great, and that I’ll be able to afford. Less expensive than meals out, even at cheap eats.

I am happy to recommend FoodSmith to my listeners and friends.

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