I’m going to beat cancer

I'm going to beat cancer 1
David getting his 5-hours of chemo. Plus two days of take-home chemo!

I’ve decided this week that I am going to do everything possible to beat my pancreatic cancer. Until my doctors say otherwise, I feel I have an above-average chance, especially considering cancer has not spread beyond the tumor we know about.

My immediate task is to help take the fight to the tumor. Doing this requires all the positive attitude I can conjure up and lots of visualization of cancer cells dying in an onslaught of chemotherapy drugs.

The survivors I’ve met are notable for the great attitude, belief, and hope they have in common. I think the mind-body connection can beat cancer.

My happy attitude is fueled by your caring and kindness, expressed through your messages, postings, well-wishes, and prayers. How can fail with so many of you so solidly on my side?

Yes, I know the statistics, and they aren’t good. But if I can make the chemo effective (about 30 percent of the time), I’ll be well on my way to potentially curative surgery this summer.

So far, chemo has been quite easy on me. This is my every-other-week “off” week, so I am doing the news on KSCO Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoon, working to keep my blood sugar in check, and visualizing the tumor becoming smaller.

Next week: I have blood work on Monday, and if it’s OK, I have five hours of chemo on Tuesday. When that ends, I am connected to a teaspoon-of-chemo-an-hour pressure infusor that I will wear until Noon on Thursday. This is the dreaded 5-FU I’m being given.

I am guessing that my “easy” chemo experience so far — no vomiting, few other issues — may not continue. I’ll certainly know more this time next week.

Mostly, except for a persistent stomach ache (helped by Creon digestive enzyme capsules), I feel pretty good. I’m tired, but not suffering at all.

Your support means everything to me. I know I can count on you. If you have questions, please comment, and I’ll do my best to respond.

Also coming Monday, my infusion port will have been in for two weeks, meaning I can take a real shower again and stop paying someone to wash my hair every few days!

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I'm going to beat cancer 2

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