How to Take Any Dog on an Adventure | Outside Online

If there is such a thing as an expert on adventure dogs, Rachael Rodgers is it. The resident of Canmore, Alberta, volunteers to take dogs from local animal shelters into the mountains to play. She has recreated with dozens of different kinds of dogs, from a tiny dachshund-like mutt to a 90-pound pit bull—most of which she had just met. “Every breed of dog is an adventure dog,” Rodgers says. “The trick is matching the type of adventure to the dog’s personality.”

Rodgers posts photos of her outings to her Instagram handle, @trailsandbears, along with adoption information. She got the idea in 2017, after her photo of kayaking with her dog Denali—who her partner rescued from a shelter 13 years ago—went viral, and her followers exploded from mostly friends and family to 20,000 like-minded dog lovers. “It’s a way to get more positive publicity for adoptable dogs,” Rodgers says. “A shelter isn’t a place where you’re going to see their true character.”

Source: How to Take Any Dog on an Adventure | Outside Online

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