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The We Rate Dogs Twitter account almost went into overdrive this week as news got out about Todd, a Golden Retriever puppy who protected his owner from a rattlesnake but took the bite on his face instead.Todd’s owner, Paula Godwin, posted photos of Todd after his encounter with the venomous snake on Friday. She was walking her dogs on a trail near her home in Anthem, Arizona, when she almost stepped on the snake, she told Phoenix’s KTAR-FM, but Todd jumped in front of her before the snake could bite her.

“It bit Todd quickly then started rattling,” she said, adding that she grabbed the dog and ran down the hill to get Todd to an animal hospital, where he received anti-venom treatment. Though he is recovering well, the photos from the aftermath, posted to Godwin’s Facebook account, show the pup’s swollen muzzle where the rattlesnake bit.

David’s comments:

  1. Antivenin not antivenom. It is very expensive. 2. I’ve seen posts recently about two other dogs — same rescue, same few days, different places — who also took muzzle bites. Both were terribly swollen but survived. 3. There is a rattlesnake vaccine available that is supposed to reduce symptoms. 4. Dogs can also be trained to not approach rattlesnakes, reducing bites. This is covered in our when your pet needs an emergency vet paw’d cast with Dr. Burtch.


Source: Hero Dog Saves Owner from Rattlesnake Bite | PEOPLE.com

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