Help for urinary incontinence in female dogs?

Help for urinary incontinence in female dogs? 1

Occasionally, my elderly female canine, Brittany, used to wake up in a puddle of urine. And it wasn’t her fault!

Older female dogs can suffer from urinary incontinence, which I have heard blamed on their having been spayed before their first heat. I don’t know the cause, but the problem can seriously damage the human-canine bond. It has probably even used as an excuse for euthanasia.

I was asked about this problem during today’s program and realized I should share the over-the-counter herbal remedy that we’ve used with good results.

Essential Pet’s Bladder Support is widely available, easy-to-dose, and has worked well for Brittany. But there are many different herbal products to choose from.

If you have experience with this problem, please post a comment and share your experience.

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Help for urinary incontinence in female dogs? 2

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