Free FEMA training explains planning and response for animals in disaster

There are certainly worse ways for animal lovers living in disaster-prone areas to spend part of an afternoon than taking the free FEMA online training IS-10.A: Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness. The course is one of two dozen FEMA trainings I have completed over the years. It explains the role of pet and livestock owners, government, and voluntary agencies in providing care for animals before, during, and following a disaster or major incident.

It supposedly takes four hours to complete the course (maybe two hours, tops) and ends with an optional 20-question final exam. To take the exam, you must register for a FEMA student ID, also free, and doing so gets you a certificate for completing the course.

Here is how FEMA describes the course:

Course Overview

This course is intended to help animal owners, care providers, and industries to understand incident management.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this course are to increase awareness and preparedness among animal owners and care providers, and to describe how typical hazards affect animals and what can be done by responsible owners to reduce the impact of disasters.

Primary Audience

Animal owners and care providers.

I am sort of embarrassed that I hadn’t taken this course previously, but I recommend anyone involved in animal rescue or sheltering. You may also wish to enroll in other free FEMA online courses as well.

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