Fi Smart Dog Collar Proves Its Worth

fi smart dog collar

This is the Fi smartphone app view of Nick’s escape. The dark area at the top is the field on the other side of the retaining wall where Nick was found.

While preparing my recent review of the Fi Smart Dog Collar we did a simulated lost dog incident to see how well the product might perform during an actual emergency involving foster dog Nick.

Today we had one except what would have been a big emergency without the Fi collar became a minor if serious incident. Why? The Fi performed better than I expected.

This morning, Nick and his BFF Spencer escaped my fenced backyard and went on a self-guided tour. It took me about five minutes to notice and do a quick tail count.

Sure enough, Nick failed to answer, so I switched on “Lost Dog Mode” in the Fi app on my iPhone. I immediately saw — on the map — that Nick was several blocks from home.

Lacking a car during the daytime hours, I went to a dog-loving neighbor, held up the map screen, and said something like, “Nick has left home. He’s here on the map. Drive me to retrieve him?”

And, by the way, Spencer is probably there with him.

It took about 8 minutes to get to Nick’s location, which had changed as he moved around while we were getting ready and then driving.

fi smart dog collar

Foster dog Nick with his Fi Smart Dog Collar

When we pulled up, Spencer was immediately visible, ran to me, and jumped it the car.

Nick was not visible, however, and did not respond to my calling him.

About 40 feet ahead of us was the top of a 6-foot retaining wall. I went over to the wall and peered down to see Nick’s wagging tail. I laid down on my stomach and reached down but could not grab Nick. He then climbed up on a stack of 2×4’s that brought him into reach.

Rescue accomplished. The Fi is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Fi Smart Dog Collar Proves Its Worth 1
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Fi Smart Dog Collar Proves Its Worth 3

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