Euthanasia drug Pentobarbital found in Gravy Train canned dog food

“ABC news station WJLA of Washington, D.C.’s investigation into pet food found pentobarbital in 9 of 15 cans of Gravy Train dog food. How the pet food company responded to the news, and how the FDA responded is sickening.

“A year ago FDA confirmed the presence of pentobarbital in multiple varieties of Evanger’s pet food. And here we are again…the drug used to euthanize cats, dogs and horses – pentobarbital – was again found in pet food. This time, the drug was found in Gravy Train canned dog food.

“First and foremost – a pet food company sourcing meat from a “diseased animal or an animal that has died otherwise than by slaughter” (a euthanized animal) is a direct violation of federal law.

“WJLA News tested 62 samples of dog food. “After months of tests and re-tests, one brand repeatedly came back positive for pentobarbital. In total, we tested 15 cans of Gravy Train. Nine cans — 60-percent of the sample — were positive for pentobarbital.”

This is a Federal law violation.

Quoted from The Truth About Pet Food website. Click link to read their story. Click here for the WJLA version.

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