Heavy Duty Dual Handle Dog Leash — Paw Lifestyles

Two strong, padded handles are better than one
  • Quality -- Appears very well made, with solid (and reflective) stitching
  • Comfort -- Dog pulls, padded handles absorb and distribute the load
  • Value -- Very nice lead at a very nice price


This is a very comfortable, quality lead at a very good price. The close-in traffic handle makes it easy to control a rowdy dog. Reflective stitching almost shines for itself on nighttime walks. The D-ring is a good place to hang keys, a small light (warning or flash), or a poop bag dispenser.

Paw Lifestyles leashThis is as nice a  dog leash as I have ever found for close to this price. I am a believer in rope leads and love the Mendota slip leads that I’ve recommended before. I ordered this Paw Lifestyles dog leash because Amazon had it on sale, but if I were shopping for a new lead, I’d buy another of these at the $13.95 price. So I present it to you.

The leash is extra-long, at 7 feet. It has two handles, one up close to the dog and another at the end of the lead. The handles are nicely padded and are the right size for hands. The padding and handle loop size should make it easier to control a larger and/or more powerful dog with this leash.

The stitching is reflective. And the stitching looks solid and strong. There is a D-ring near the far handle where you can attach keys, poop bag dispenser, etc. A nice touch.

The lead is an inch wide and is made of a nylon fabric. The leash feels good in my hand and seems dependable and substantial, without being heavy. For a dollar more they offer an extra heavy duty model that I have not tested. Probably just fine if this lead is an example of Paw Lifestyles’ work.

Brittany and Paw Lifestyles leash

Brittany on close handle

Brittany and Paw Lifestyles leash

Brittany at seven feet

On a walk, the 7-foot length can, at first, seem like the dog is in a different time zone from its owner. The length also makes it easy to hold the handle in one hand and the center of the lead in the other, near the dog. If you like to wrap the lead around your hand or just gather some up and carry it, that works, too. The second handle seemed like it would be too close until it was in use and then the distance seemed right. If your dog ever needs to be pulled away from something or someone, the close-in handle should work well.

A recommended product. It gets 88 percent 5-star ratings on Amazon. And no bad ratings, just less-good ones.  Recommended for medium to large dogs and probably any pit or other bully breed that likes to drag its owner around.

You can never have too many good leads. And this is one. Love the traffic handle!

(The also make some cool t-shirts for men and women. My favorite: “You can’t buy love. But you can rescue it.”)

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Two colors: black/green and black/blue.

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