Dogwalker: What a pro knows/Josh Stephens

PODCAST — The best thing you can do for your canine today — after the obvious “feed” and “protect” and “let out to potty” — is walk your dog. I bet that most owners, including myself, who should be walking their canines are not.

I’m fortunate because my lovely wife, Elionora, enjoys taking the dogs for a 1-to-3-mile stroll around the neighborhood most evenings. She especially enjoys how soundly the dogs sleep after their walks.

Dogs need exercise and it is absolutely true that “a tired dog is a happy dog.” And walking is as good for people as it is for canines.

But not everyone who would like to walk their dog has enough time or the inclination to do so. Into that void — and representing the “dogs are family” type of owners — come professional dogwalkers.

For $25-a-hour (plus/minus) they will make your pup happy while building their own aerobic endurance. You can even hire a runner for your dog, as well as dogsitting, and other services.

KSCO’s Josh Stephens is one such pro dogwalker. He works for Wag (an online dogwalking reservation service) and is also the technical director for our weekly program.

Because of his canine experience, Josh is the newest regular cast member of KSCO Pet Radio. Laura and I invited him on this week to talk about what a dogwalking pro knows that many owners do not.

When the interview ended, we all realized how much we hadn’t covered but promise to discuss during one or two future dogwalking segments.

If you’d like to contact/hire Josh, and get a free discount coupon, please email him:

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