Dogs on Netflix Review

If you’re looking for something to watch with your relatives over Thanksgiving, suspend that search right now because Netflix has the solution.

Dogs on Netflix Review 1This Friday, the streaming platform will unveil Dogs, an anthology docuseries about the many virtues of man and woman’s best friend that is so heartwarming, your heart will need a post-binge-watch ice bath to cool down. If you thought Queer Eye was an uplifting weeper, your tear ducts should do some calisthenics to get ready for the verklempt-a-thon that is about to be thrown at them. People who love or even mildly appreciate the canine species will be charmed and moved by Dogs. If you can somehow watch Dogs without experiencing a single moment of delight, you might be a sociopath who lacks all capacity for empathy or love. Wait, scratch that: You are definitely a sociopath who lacks all capacity for empathy or love.

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Dogs on Netflix Review 2
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