Dog Walking: Do as I say, not…

dog walking

One of the best things you can do for your dog and yourself is to go for a walk. I should know because my wife is out dog walking almost daily, after work, in the dark.

Lately, she’s been using Nick’s Fi Smart Dog Collar to measure her and Nick’s dog walking distance.

Previously, we used a smartphone app called ResQwalk that Best Friends Animal Society now manages. It enables you to raise small change for your favorite animal non-profit based on miles walked and share your walks with friends and the ResQwalk community. The app also tracks your walking goals. 

I wish Fi would send walk information to ResQwalk instead of just Facebook.

The big reason to walk your dogs (you have more than one, right?) is because they like it and look forward to it. And dog walking is good for both you and them. Even tiny dogs, like our 7-lb chihuahua, can walk considerable distances and greatly enjoy it.

Dogs like being tired from physical activity and that’s a good reason to walk them before bedtime. Tired dogs sleep soundly, a major benefit for their owners. Walking also fights obesity and improves cardiovascular function for both canines and people.

Walking also offers training opportunities and helps socialize both people and dogs. Walking increases the human-canine bond and is an excellent way to meet your neighbors, human and canine. 

Dog walking is simply a huge win for both humans and dogs. Try to do more of it. Your dogs will love you even more if you

Please do as I say

You probably immediately noticed the “do as I say, not as I do” nature of this post, so an explanation is in order.

As to why I don’t personally walk my dogs, I offer the following excuses:

  1. I’ve been sick and am still weak and a tad off balance (true).
  2. My legs are not my best performance feature. My left foot rolls considerably outward (likewise true).
  3. Bicycling is my physical activity of choice and I’d like to resume that if my balance still exists (see #1).
  4. Walking is slow and thus boring to my ADD-addled mind (explaining #3).
  5. My wife doesn’t think I am up to her three-mile walks and I am too slow, regardless. I used to walk with her on lesser forays.
  6. My walking partner of choice, Brittany the Brittany, is now 17-years-old and too infirm to walk any distance without falling.  
  7. Elionora walks our entire pack at once. I can’t do that without tangling and falling and potentially dropping one or more leads. When I fall I have a very difficult time getting back up.

Having said all this, I definitely need to get more exercise, the lack of which has perhaps slowed my cancer recovery. I’d like to make you a promise that I’ll do better but I am self-aware enough to know that my current resolution to make this a better blog and to do a better radio program is what I can commit to at the moment. I really want to ride my bike more than anything.

My thought is to try short out-and-back walks with my wife and the dogs, only going part of her longer route before returning home.

Let me get back to you on this, OK?

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