Dear Listener Friends, I’m Sick

Dear Listener Friends, I'm Sick 1Dear Pet Radio Friends and Listeners:

I want to tell you about some bad medical news recently that I received recently: I probably have pancreatic cancer, a small tumor (2.1 x 2.9 cm) on the head of my pancreas. I also a have a bile duct blockage, which had made me sick for about two weeks and it how we came to diagnose the cancer. Tomorrow (1/14/2019), it will be having an ultrasound endoscopic examination that will enable my doctors to see the tumor and get a sample of it for examination. They will also attempt to place a stent in my bile duct that will reengage my bile flow. Doing that doing that should make me feel better and get rid of my jaundice yellow color.

The surgery requires full anesthesia and, if the procedure goes well, I should be “under” for about 90 minutes and out of the hospital by 5 p.m.

The bad news about pancreatic cancer is that in usually well-advanced before discovery. My tumor is very small and may give me an excellent chance for recovery. We shall see how things work out.

Thank you for your encouragement and well-wishes. If you’d like to email me I am My plan is to resume by newsroom duties at KSCO soon and to continue this program hopefully forever.

Thamk you for your care and concern.

David Coursey

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Dear Listener Friends, I'm Sick 2