Dear Former Owner: Thank You for Your Dog



I am writing to say “Thank you!” to the former owners of my rescues. These dogs were raised by people who loved them as puppies and it shows as adults. Now I get to love them.

You may have a similar story and likewise want to express gratitude to former owners you will never meet.

As you may remember, earlier this year we suffered the deaths of two beloved dogs over a single weekend. A few weeks later, a small dog that looks like a Basenji-mix entered our lives after being found by someone unable to foster him. That last part has proven to be a real blessing for our family.

Shortening a long story, the new dog ended up at our house and we named him Nick. Despite lots of advertising, no owner came forward over more than 60 days of “stray hold.” Still, technically a foster, Nick now sleeps with us.

Nick is guesstimated to be 1-2 years old. 18 pounds. We had him neutered, chipped, and vaxxed.

He is a runner, which may explain how he ended up homeless. And it certainly explains why I invested in a Fi Smart Collar to track his whereabouts and keep him safe.

We repeatedly posted Nick’s picture online as a found dog, placed a poster and pic in our local shelter’s found dog notebook, and called vets looking for an owner. No one ever appeared for Nick.

This is was sad because Nick is a very fine, loving dog, who gets along with everyone, very much wants to please, and likes to sleep next to his people. But he isn’t trained and has occasionally taken “self-guided tours” of the neighborhood with his BFF, a Silky Terrier named Spencer.

Elionora calls Nick “my Velco dog” for the way he is almost always at her side.

Nick is such a good dog — isn’t that what everyone says about their dog? — that we sometimes imagine his former people must be seriously missing him. But if they were, I think they would have found us by now.

He is so well socialized, such a sweetheart, and is so young that he must have been raised by people who loved him greatly. I feel sad for them, but less sad than I’d be if we lost Nick and could not recover him ourselves. The Fi radio collar has been a good investment.

I’m glad Nick is part of our family, having helped Elionora through the considerable grief that came from losing two dogs at almost the same time. And because of this I want to thank Nick’s former owners. Your sad loss has been our tremendous gain. I’d like to think it is Nick’s gain, too.

Thank you for your dog.

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